We offer the following services:

Turn-Key Site-Constructed Homes: In certain circumstances, a modular home will not work; whether the site will not permit it, or the floorplan does not make sense for the modular system. It is for this reason we offer traditional site built construction. Call for an analysis of your individual needs.

Turn Key Remodeling and Renovations. We also offer decks, porches, siding install, shingle roofs, metal roofs, timber frame work, and construction consulting services.
Multi Family Projects and Light Commerical work. We offer these commercial services as site built or as modular off site construction.

Custom Built Modular Homes: We pride ourselves on offering our customers the choice to customize any of our floorplans or to design one of their own. In fact, about 98% of our business is fully custom homes. Feel free to get creative. We are the extreme modular company - we can handle the challenge.

Modular Log Homes: One of our specialties is rustic modular homes and modular log homes. With these homes you get all of the amenities of a log home with several advantages:

  • Price: Generally our log homes cost less than those of a log system.
  • Blend of finishes: Flexibility to choose wood finished walls and also blend in some traditional finishes like drywall.
  • Energy efficient: Our customers get the efficiency of the modular system with the look of a log home.

"Green" Modular Homes: Earth friendly homes. "Green" homes are Energy Star Certified and also have numerous options in them to reduce the impact new homes can have on the environment. Some examples are natural flooring, natural siding, roofing made from natural sources, etc.

Project Services: Three Ways to Buy.

  1. Turn Key: This is where we handle the majority of the items of the project for you. This is the preferred method of many people. In fact, most people do not have the time or desire to construct their own residence.

    The following is a list of items we can handle for our customers if they choose turn key.

      -  Grading and site-prep
      -  Well / septic
      -  Decks, porches, garages, or other structures
      -  Basements / crawlspaces
      -  Plumbing and electrical hookups
      -  Roof completion, siding completion, interior completion, finish of basement or upstairs of home
      -  Crane set of the home on foundation
      -  Landscaping
  2. Owner Completion: With this method, we will sell a house to a customer and set the home only. The crane, finish items, foundation, well, septic, and grading are all taken care of by the customer. We can provide a list of qualified subcontractors who can help the customer construct the home. This is the most affordable way to buy a modular home.
  3. Mix and Match: The customer can actually choose some of the turn key items for us to complete while choosing others that are to be completed by the owner.
  4. One other item that should be mentioned: We offer modular set up services to other builders and homeowners.

    We have a full time set crew that is for hire to set modular homes - even if you did not buy your home from us, we are fully licensed and insured and can handle the set of your new home. Call today if you are a homeowner or builder/dealer who needs our assistance in the setup process of your new home.

Ideal Precast Basement Wall Systems: We are a dealer for Ideal Precast Foundation wall systems. Now in addition to our modular homes and stick built construction, we are offering to the customer a top notch foundtion system. We can sell these walls anywhere in the southeastern US. The system is an engineered basement wall system that speeds up the pace of construction. Some highlights of the wall system are as follows: Walls come with an R-Value of R23, Basement walls are framed using metal studs, 5000 psi concrete is used in the wall system, comes with a 15 year warranty, The product is a more "Green" alternative than traditional foundations with no waste and the use of recycled materials. We can sell you a wall system no matter whether you are buying one of our homes or not. Please call today for Free Information or a competative quote. You will see why our wall system is miles ahead of the competition.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 866-558-8005 ,
email us, or use our online request form.



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