Systems-Built Modular Homes are homes constructed off site in a climate controlled environment where they are not exposed to the elements using a highly engineered method to construct modular units which are then assembled on the desired building site. The modular units or “boxes” are set by a crane and then dried-in to protect them from the elements in one day. This method of construction is much faster and more efficient than that of building on-site. When a general contractor constructs a building on-site, they have to allow extra time for delays due to weather, material shortages, inability to schedule quality subcontractors, and many other unforeseen factors. Modular homes eliminate many of these slowdowns and create more efficiency in the building process. Plus, using a technologically advanced building system, the homes are built in a manufacturing facility where quality can be monitored at all times during construction. In fact, our builders Cardinal Homes, Mod U Kraf Homes, and Simplex Homes are built in a manner to meet or exceed building code in your area.

What are the advantages of systems-built modular homes?
There are many advantages of building your new home using modular technology.

Cost: Often times the cost of building a home using modular technology is significantly less than a similar home built using traditional building methods. This is largely due to the ability of the manufacturer to buy material in bulk and also to reduce the amount of wasted material associated with the production of a home. This cost savings is passed on to the customer and helps them to achieve instant equity when the home is finished. In fact, many times the appraisal value is much greater than the actual price paid to construct the home.

Turnaround Time: Once you decide on a house plan or custom design, the order to produce the home is placed with the manufacturer (Cardinal Homes, Mod U Kraf, or Simplex). After the order is placed, we begin work on the site. Grade work, well, septic, foundation footings, and the basement or crawlspace is completed. After this step, we are ready for the home to be delivered to the site. This process usually takes about a month and a half to three months. After the home is delivered, Winters Homes finish crews finish the home. It usually takes about a month and a half to three months to complete the home and get the certificate of occupancy. Total wait time from order to completion can be as little as four months on an average size home. How else are you able to get a custom home finished in this amount of time? In traditional site-built construction, many customers have to wait for twelve months or more depending on the weather and other circumstances.

Custom Options: The customer can custom design their modular home by modifying one of the hundreds of designs and floorplans offered by our manufacturers (Cardinal Homes, Mod U Kraf, or Simplex) or by having a custom design built. The only catch is that the design has to be able to be somewhat modular friendly. Many plans can be. We can help you decide if your desired plan can be built modular or not. You may also choose from an extensive list of upgrades or improvements to the home. However, this is not to say that the standard options are not desirable. Contact us to find out all of the options which come standard in our systems-built homes. Our homes are built to a higher standard.

What is the difference between manufactured housing and systems-built?
At Winters Homes, we pride ourselves on quality and service to our customers. We build with three of the leading systems-built modular home producers in the nation – Cardinal, Mod U Kraf, and Simplex. They are constructed like site-built homes only better, faster, and stronger. Our homes are never constructed on a steel support foundation like mobile or manufactured housing. In fact, our homes look like site-built homes. You have most likely been in homes, banks, office buildings, or many other kinds of structures that may have been built using modular technology. If you want building inspection report or have any questions about the difference in the various types of home production give us a call, we will be happy to walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of each. The bottom line is if you want a quality, well-built home – fast, then call us.

How do lending institutions treat modular homes?
Most lending institutions now understand the benefits and cost effectiveness of building modular. In many cases they are
treated as site-built homes for the purposes of funding of the construction loan and mortgage. One major thing the bank needs to understand and be comfortable with is the unique drafting schedule needs of the modular home contractor. At Winters Homes we prefer to draft in the following methods from the construction loan. Check with your lending institution of choice to obtain more information on your personal situation. If you are buying a home from us, we will be happy to speak with a representative of your institution.

10% when the home is ordered
80% when the home is delivered to the job site
10% when the home is finished


20% when the home is ordered
70% when the home is delivered to the job site
10% when the home is finished

The method we use depends on the manufacturer's requirements and the preference of the bank the customer is using.

Other arrangements can be made for drafts on foundation, well, septic, etc.

We can recommend someone to help you with your financing, but it should be made clear that we are not affiliated with the institution or any recommendations should not be misconstrued as a guarantee of performance or ability to acquire financing through the institution. Call us for modular friendly lending institutions in our area.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 866-558-8005 ,
email us, or use our online request form.



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